Install the App

The Turas Chonamara app is a Progressive Web App (PWA), i.e. a cross-platform web application which can be installed on your mobile device and accessed by a single click to a home screen icon.


Installation process


1. Click on the link and wait for the content to load.


2. The next step varies according to which browser and operating system you use. The terminology differs, but the function remains the same across all platforms.

a) You may have the option to select Install from your browser menu:


You are prompted to Add to Home, click OK:



b) Alternatively, select Add To Home Screen to download the app and install the app icon:


There are other slight variations in the process. For example, some browsers simply require you to click an icon in the browser address bar:



Some browsers will also prompt you to add the site to your home screen when you first visit:


Note: All options have the same outcome.


3. Access the app in fullscreen mode by clicking the icon on your desktop: